Who is Spike Webb?

Spike Webb is the human-like personification of an AI program created when an experiment at a high-tech particle physics lab went awry. It's a combination of science fiction and campy detective.

What was the inspiration?

When Isys first opened its doors, we had not so many clients, a fair amount of time and lots of creative energy. Our first project as a team leveraged the talents and passions of the partners, and Spike Webb, Net Detective launched.

What was the experience?

Delivered as an online episodic adventure series, we broke new ground in internet content delivery. 50's style PI stories hits the web. Silly, over melodramatic and completely fun.

About Spike Webb

Non-human, intelligent, curious, clever, daring, and a bit sarcastic. He enjoys a challenge and likes figuring out puzzles. Spike has a soft spot for the underdog and the wronged. Spike is on the prowl for those who would abuse technology for their own gain or oppress the liberties of computing enthusiasts. Spike's unique position in "life" puts him at the crossroads of social policy and technological advancement. His cause demands a constant vigil. Read about The Day It All Started.

The Adventures of Spike Webb, Net Detective

There are five Spike Webb adventures. The last adventure "Silicon Slip" was delivered in 1996 with this disclaimer: If you have Netscape 2.0 (or higher) or MS Internet Explorer 3.0 and you don't have the FutureSplash Plug-In, get it now! (Other browsers may proceed without animation.) The first four Spike Adventures are provided as originally delivered, in their illustrated story format. Enjoy.


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But Spike Doesn't Work Alone

But Spike doesn't work alone. Meet his capable team of super sleuths Nancy McGill and Roger Tango to fight the evil and greedy criminals who abuse the Internet for their own gain.


Nancy McGill

Out-going, works hard and plays hard. Not easily ruffled. Street smart in a computer sort of way. Makes her difficult job look easy. Gets along with her coworkers. Works out at gym, loves movies. High self-confidence, too high sometimes. Dates frequently, disappointed by the average available man. She's happy to be on her own and independent.

Roger Tango

Works nights, sleeps days. Clever, he has a bag full of tricks. Secretive and spooky. No one is sure of his real name. Opinionated. College drop-out. Doesn't trust anybody. Anxious for reasons to help get the bad guys. Defense contractor background, some carry-over paranoia goes with it. Trivia warehouse, especially musical. Hobby guitar player, he likes jam sessions with his amateur musician friends. Roger has a number of loyal friends in his circle and can call on them for favors at any time.

Tom Barnett

He's been around and knows the ropes. A well respected columnist and occasional investigative reporter. An engineer by training. Comes from a wealthy family that's well connected politically and industrially. Steady, wise, and able to see the big picture. Wife and two kids.

Produced in Oakland, California

Created and produced by ISYS Idea Systems, Inc. ©1995-1996 ISYS Idea Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of ISYS Idea Systems, Inc. is prohibited. Spike Webb and the Spike Webb logo are trademarks of ISYS Idea Systems, Inc.

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Spike Webb Adventures was a thrilling ride for all involved. He had a worlwide fan club of passionate followers. He was featured in Shocking the Web (still available on Amazon). There was Spike gear including t-shirts, caps and super cool dog tags (available from time to time on eBay).

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